they shouldnt have killed him

ok, in my humble opinion, i would have liked the serial killer to have lived for a few more episodes. and i dont think they should have killed him in the finale. they should have left us guessing. 

so one idea that i had is that he sculpts a statue in mauras likeness. and we dont know its him and we dont know if maura is inside. and the mystery and fear around that could be the finale. then we come back in november and find that maura is okay, but the killer is sending a message.

and then they could milk it for at least one more episode where they figure out its him. 

then still not kill him. i mean, they killed hoydt and even Tess said she wishes they didnt. they need a lingering in the background type criminal in my mind. lol 
he could do art from jail and continue to haunt maura